Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BEST Birthday Ever!

For Momma's birthday on Monday Kirk took the day off! YAY! So it already had great potential. Kirk and I woke up early for our usual morning of butt-kicking exercise and then I opened some presents! Taylor made me a super cute little potted flower and a plaque that she painted all by herself (with gramma's expertise helping). She was so excited to give it to me!! It is super fun! Then I got some capris from the boys aka daddy...unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) they were too big. And then Kirk gave me a surprise date!! He bought tickets to the Utah Symphony and ballet for this week and then I get to pick any restaurant to go to! That will be a super fun date. He also signed us up for a couples cooking class at Sonora Grill....YAY! I am super excited about that too!!! Then once the kiddos were fed and dressed we headed to Ogden to catch the train to SLC.
WOW...I have never seen 2 such excited little boys in my life!!! When we told them at breakfast that that was what we were going to do their faces just lit up and their eyes got HUGE!! "Toot toot tooot tooot" was all we heard until we got there. Taylor has already ridden the train twice so she was an old pro...still excited because she loves it but not nearly as excited as the boys! They were just so cute to watch! Once we got on the train they could not wait for it to move and when it heaven on a train I tell ya. They loved the whole ride down...we saw lots of "toot toots" and "papas" (tractors) and it was just plain fun! Once we got to the station we hopped on trax and went to Gateway. The boys were excited to get to ride another 'toot toot'.

It was a super nice day so we let the kiddos play in the water fountain thingy. Taylor was all for it but it took Bennett and John a few minutes of watching before they were brave enough to give it a try. Once they did they enjoyed themselves. Bennett got so excited that he accidentaly ran right throught the big sprayers and wasn't thrilled at all...his face looked like he had been shot and he just cried and cried cause he was wet. It was pretty funny. He was less brave after that. Once the kids had their fill of the water we walked around a bit and then went to applebees for lunch...they have their kids menu for 1.99 on mondays...LOVE THAT! Another happy birthday present to me they all 3 ate their food all gone and were happy!!! YAY! Thank you corndogs!! After that everyone was pretty beat so we walked back to the station to get back on the 'toot toot'. We had another exciting ride home full of trains and tractors. We got home, and put the kiddos down for nappies and I also took a nappy....again I say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!! After naps we fixed yummy greek pizza for dinner (my FAVORITE dinner as of late) and had a picnic on the grass. Then we had family over for treats and it was a great night!! we were putting kiddos to bed Kirk's mom called and volunteered to come over while the kiddos were sleeping so we could go for a quick motorcycle ride!!! was the perfect end to the night!! We drove around for a bit and then went to walmart (the only place open at 9:30) so I could try on some pants...we have been losing weight and I just wanted to see if I could squeeze into the next size down...well I DID! No squeezing required...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME AGAIN!!! It was the best birthday EVER!!! Thanks Kirk and kiddos for making it such a great day!!