Friday, June 17, 2011


I know I know...lets just not get in to how long it has been since I have posted anything and move on. For those of you truly curious about the past some odd months here it is in a nutshell...Taylor turned 5........found out I was pregnant....we were rearended.....spent MANY MANY hours at the chiropractor....IT'S A BOY......boys turned 3.....IT'S A GIRL (like I knew all along) job......Paisley Rose born....and there you have it.

Now that's out of the are a few ramblings about our life as it currently sits.

Taylor finished Kindergarten with flying colors and can hardly wait for 1st grade. She was so sad on the last day of school and had a few depressed days following...but thank goodness summer weather has finally arrived to boost her mood...amazing what a few hours of playing outside with the hose can do for a gal!

Bennett is 3 and a sweet sweet "mean guy". The boys have come up with the worst possible thing to yell at each other when they are mad....."You a MEAN GUY!!!"...yelled with mad face....(Bennett does the best mad face...I need to work on getting a picture of it because words just don't do it justice.) Despite the mean guy stuff he is a good little guy. He absolutely loves sharing...especially with Taylor...she is pretty good at conning him out of the toys she wants to play with. And he loves to help. He does love his brother...they fight and play really well together. Bennett got to go on a daddy day the other day and he loved it but a couple hours into it and he said, "Daddy I wanna go home and play with John"....sweet right? Oh another story about Bennett...we were making puppets and his was a puppy but it needed a smiley face so he drew one but apparently it just didn't look like it should and he couldn't get it ended up that he threw a fit about the smile for nearly 10 minutes!!! I tried everything to understand how to make it look right and finally we got needed the little cheek lines....duh mom!!! Favorite phrase is currently "what the..."....pretty funny when he says it.

John can be a rascally fella cause he loves to tease...especially Taylor when she is in the right mood to be upset by it. It is amazing how they learn so quickly the fastest way to make each other flaming mad....good times I tell ya! Let's see what else....he gets quite serious about his play and uses a lot of imagination. He is pure boy and loves all things with wheels. He has also started "shooting" everything. He points his fingers and makes shooting noises and thinks it is hilarious...pretty sure he has no idea what he is doing. He also has this great little maniacal chuckle he does...hilarious. He has also started really wrestling with Bennett...and it is so much fun to watch when they are both in the right mood. We are almost to the point of buying boxing gloves for each of them and saying go at may come to that. Oh and give John an iphone and he can make it do things we didn't even know (or want it) to do. He can't walk by one without running his finger across the screen...he loves angry birds.

And then little Miss Paisley Rose....ah the sweet little caboose of the family. I think she is going to be adored and praised all her life as the best little thing ever. I haven't yet figured out if she really is just an awesome baby or if it just seems that way after having twin boys..or perhaps it is that she can't talk back yet or throw tantrums....or hit...or bite....or scream...or crash stuff into other stuff.....hmmmm....I will let ya know when we figure that one out. But seriously though...she gets the best baby award...hands down! And she is so smiley...I don't remember the other kids being so smiley....but we have learned that I don't have the best memory lately so who knows really. She and Taylor already have this great bond...she just smiles and smiles at Taylor and makes all sorts of sounds to Taylor and Taylor just adores Paisley. The first month I heard nothing but..."When is Paisley gonna wake up...can I feed Paisley....when can I hold Paisley? she awake yet?....when is she gonna need to eat?....can I wake her up?" Yes Paisley is loved and adored at our house.

Kirk took a new job with Holmes Clothing. He was hired to run the newly opened Ogden store and he loves it. He is doing a great job selling and bringing in new customers...sales and marketing is totally his thing.

I am staying busy being Momma to these yahoos. I find a little time here and there to fulfill my insane need for all things crafty...I am glad I have it though because sometimes that insane need for craftiness is the only thing that keeps me sane....crazy I know.

Perhaps one day when I am feeling a little more productive I will cover the span of time that I missed with the maybe not.

Since I haven't blogged for a minute I have forgotten the best/easiest way for moving pics around and I don't wanna mess with it here are random pics of the kids.
I would like to introduce you to Miss Paisley!

Oh yeah Taylor has lost 2 teeth this past month...we love the tooth fairy!

Precious Paisley again.

Can you just imagine what they are thinking?!?!


Bennett and spiky hair...he wasn't really digging the impromptu photo session that Mommy wanted to do.

Who has 4 kids?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mr John giggling.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Here are a few random ramblings of late.

Bennett and John are doing really well with their speech...Bennett in particular loves to tell you about what happened during the day...he is becoming quite the talker.

Taylor is enjoying her summer and is DYING to go swimming...almost everyday she asks..."mom can we go swimming today?" I just haven't felt brave enough to take all three of them by myself yet...we'll get there don't worry....oh well and the weather hasn't helped much either!! She is still just a little smarty pants and can't wait for Kindergarten.

John is a funny dude and loves teasing everyone....A LOT!! Frankly it is getting a little old, but what do ya do...just enjoy the screaming I guess.

I have started running for the first time in my life and I really like it!! SHOCKING!! I am working on getting faster and increasing my distance a little at a time. Right now I am at about a 10 minute not too bad for someone who hasn't run before.

We are still working on our projects like crazy and hoping to get them all wrapped up so we can get some good summer playing in!! Random update...done.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pic update...FINALLY!

I have been wanting to post some updated pictures of the kids for a long time and finally did it! YAY to me! Last night we took the kids to the park after dinner and we were smart enough to bring the camera...again YAY to us! So here are some of the fun moments we captured...I think that we may have some of the cutest most photogenic kids around.

This was hilarious trying to get 3 kids to smile in the same direction at the same time...after about 30 pictures Kirk and I were both saying.."ok on the count of 3 who wants to go feed the ducks.....1.....2.....3.."....then as the chorus of "MEEEEEEE" rang out Kirk would snap as many as he could hoping that one would work....this one is John's latest excited face. When he gets excited he squeezes his hands as tight as he can and shakes his arms...hilarious.
This is John trying to avoid Momma kisses.....he really does love them I am sure!

We did manage to get one with 3 smiles all looking in the same direction...miraculous I just need to photoshop out the trailer in the background.
My boys! They are at a really fun age right now. Both are doing really well with their speech and really talking a lot...THANK GOODNESS! For a while there their favorite form of communication was to scream at the top of their lungs until someone fixed whatever was wrong...we love words. Speaking of words I think it is so funny the words they pick for some things...for example....'Papa'=grampa...not so weird but wait...'papa' also=tractor...why you ask??? Well Grampa Welling has a tractor...nope not just one but 2 papas (they are sure to correct if you say that grampa has one tractor). Anytime we talk about Gramma and Grampa Welling, Bennett always says, "Bib lellow papa out?" Translation..."Is grampas big yellow tractor out?" Their favorite thing ever is to ride the tractor with Grampa. They learned very early that when some big machine backs up it beeps...I even caught John walking backwards down the haul beep beeping tonight. Grampa is also teaching Taylor how to steer the tractor...she LOVES it as you can imagine..she'll be able to plow the fields in no time!!

I love this picture!! Another miraculous thing happened this night. John actually left the house without his Nebraska beanie on. It is bright red and about a week ago he decided it was his new favorite thing to wear ALL the time....he even sleeps with the thing on. Amazingly enough he left without it last night...but he was sure to wear it to the car show tonight. And no, we are not Nebraska fans....our neighbors however are and they got the boys beanies last winter.

I just love this kid!!! Look at that dimple!!!
This is Bennett taking after Momma and Daddy and practicing his yoga moves...I think this one is called triangle pose.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of little Bennett serious face....he was chasing after a crow and was a little disappointed that it got away.
And here is miss almost ready for Kindergarten herself!!! It seems we have hit a bit of a rough spot with this little lady lately. We are in the HUGE tantrum phase...highly emotional at the drop of a hat it seems. I know you are all thinking how could you ever be upset at that little face...well it happens folks! Hopefully it is just a phase and that we will soon kick it to the curb!!! She is loving her new bed and doing well with the new responsibility of making a BIG bed every morning. The other thing she loves doing lately is talking on the phone. She usually calls one of her grammas and talks and talks until they politely say that they need to get back to doing whatever they were doing. She is a funny little lady.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The great Bed Switcharoo

It is almost time to start the great potty training of the boys.....SOOOO...that leads to them sleeping in BIG BOY beds....I know I know why do it before the time is here....pretty much shooting myself in the foot with naps but whatdya do? We have twin beds for them but Taylor was using one so that means she got a new BIG bed too!! This is her new big bed. This bed switching has turned into quite the project for momma...(only because I wanted it to be though!)...I made Taylor's bedskirt and appliqued the pillows and refinished the headboard (which you can't really see because of the great pillows-but it is great it also has polka dots). Anyway her bed project was finished yesterday and she was so excited to sleep on a BIG princess bed...and she slept like a princess too!! I have a couple more decor things that I want to make for her walls and when I get those all done I will post pics of those too! But for now here is the bed. Her walls are bright purple so the bright green comforter looks so cute.

I love the way it turned out and can't wait to get the boys' beds done now!! Just wait till you see those! I am making their comforters and have some ideas for some fun decor for their walls!! I LOVE PROJECTS!!!!
Speaking of is another project we are working on...and it is going to be SO great too! For mother's day Kirk and the kids surprised me with an antique dining table and chairs. It was one I had found on KSL and had been drooling over for a little while. We think it was built in the 20's or 30's, but it is still in really great condition.

I just LOVE the chairs! And to make them even greater my dad found some leather that he has had for YEARS (probably from a moose he killed back in the day) and it is gorgeous and he is going to let us have it to reupholster the chair bottoms!! Our plan is to paint it black and I can hardly wait!! We got the paint stripped off the table this weekend so now we just need to do the 6 chairs. Kirk has a buddy that is a carpenter and he is going to do a new table top out of hard wood for us and help us paint it and sturdy everything up. Whatdya think? Great right?

Oh and you can see Taylor's headboard in the background there...also a fun project!!! I got to breakout the table saw for that one...I added the beadboard panel to the inside before I painted totally updated it!! Not bad for $15!!! Well that is what the Chuggs are working on in a nutshell...more pics to come as we go!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BEST Birthday Ever!

For Momma's birthday on Monday Kirk took the day off! YAY! So it already had great potential. Kirk and I woke up early for our usual morning of butt-kicking exercise and then I opened some presents! Taylor made me a super cute little potted flower and a plaque that she painted all by herself (with gramma's expertise helping). She was so excited to give it to me!! It is super fun! Then I got some capris from the boys aka daddy...unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) they were too big. And then Kirk gave me a surprise date!! He bought tickets to the Utah Symphony and ballet for this week and then I get to pick any restaurant to go to! That will be a super fun date. He also signed us up for a couples cooking class at Sonora Grill....YAY! I am super excited about that too!!! Then once the kiddos were fed and dressed we headed to Ogden to catch the train to SLC.
WOW...I have never seen 2 such excited little boys in my life!!! When we told them at breakfast that that was what we were going to do their faces just lit up and their eyes got HUGE!! "Toot toot tooot tooot" was all we heard until we got there. Taylor has already ridden the train twice so she was an old pro...still excited because she loves it but not nearly as excited as the boys! They were just so cute to watch! Once we got on the train they could not wait for it to move and when it heaven on a train I tell ya. They loved the whole ride down...we saw lots of "toot toots" and "papas" (tractors) and it was just plain fun! Once we got to the station we hopped on trax and went to Gateway. The boys were excited to get to ride another 'toot toot'.

It was a super nice day so we let the kiddos play in the water fountain thingy. Taylor was all for it but it took Bennett and John a few minutes of watching before they were brave enough to give it a try. Once they did they enjoyed themselves. Bennett got so excited that he accidentaly ran right throught the big sprayers and wasn't thrilled at all...his face looked like he had been shot and he just cried and cried cause he was wet. It was pretty funny. He was less brave after that. Once the kids had their fill of the water we walked around a bit and then went to applebees for lunch...they have their kids menu for 1.99 on mondays...LOVE THAT! Another happy birthday present to me they all 3 ate their food all gone and were happy!!! YAY! Thank you corndogs!! After that everyone was pretty beat so we walked back to the station to get back on the 'toot toot'. We had another exciting ride home full of trains and tractors. We got home, and put the kiddos down for nappies and I also took a nappy....again I say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!! After naps we fixed yummy greek pizza for dinner (my FAVORITE dinner as of late) and had a picnic on the grass. Then we had family over for treats and it was a great night!! we were putting kiddos to bed Kirk's mom called and volunteered to come over while the kiddos were sleeping so we could go for a quick motorcycle ride!!! was the perfect end to the night!! We drove around for a bit and then went to walmart (the only place open at 9:30) so I could try on some pants...we have been losing weight and I just wanted to see if I could squeeze into the next size down...well I DID! No squeezing required...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME AGAIN!!! It was the best birthday EVER!!! Thanks Kirk and kiddos for making it such a great day!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Post

Not much to say just wanted to say "Hey"......"hey!" We took the boys in to the early intervention folks this week and had their speech evaluated and they told us that they are at about the age of an average 15-18month old. Sooooo they qualified for the program. We are excited to learn more about how we can help their speech along. They both have drastically improved since their 2nd birthday but clearly we still have some work ahead of us. They sure are cute little stinks though! I realized I haven't posted any pics lately so that is my goal this week. I will take the kids outside (cross your fingers for continued warm weather) and take some fun pics and post them.

We are all very excited and ready for spring time. Today while we were eating lunch little missy said something about she couldn't wait for spring and I told her that the official first day of spring was yesterday and that it was actually already spring. You would have thought I told her I bought her a pony...her face lit up and she had permagrin on!! Then she looked at me like...your kidding right? Spring is here and I missed the arrival? It was quite the funny little exchange. Next year I will have to remember to plan a welcome spring party...I think I could really get into that!

The boutique went well. We didn't have as many people come as I had hoped but we had some great vendors!! And I thoroughly enjoyed it! A ton of work but really fun in the end.

Kirk and I are still kicking it with p90x! We love and hate it...but mostly love because of the amazing results we are seeing. And it does feel great to know that we did something extremely hard already and it is only 7 am! Makes the day seem very manageable. One morning last week Kirk had a super early meeting so we planned to exercise that night instead and let me just tell you I was miss grumpy that day! I hadn't realized how much those endorphins helped to boost my mood!!! It was crazy the difference exercising can make in my day!! So yes I am sold on p90x!!

I guess I did have something to say after all...whodathought!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am afraid we may have a genius on our hands ladies and gentlemen!!

I was tucking little missy in bed the other night. She has a new ritual of counting all of the animals she sleeps with before she lays down to make sure they are all there (and it seems she always finds another to add to the pile). So she counted 8 animals and was glad that they were all accounted for and said, "Hmmm, if I added 2 more then I would have 10. If I added only 1 then I would have nine. If I added 2 more to the 10 then I would have 12. If I added 2 more after that I would have 12. If I added 2 more after THAT then I would have 14, and then 16, and than 18!! Wow mom wouldn't that be a lot of animals???" Once I picked my jaw off the floor I agreed with her that indeed that would be a lot of animals. Ok, so is it just me or is it AMAZING that she just counted by 2's all by herself and without even having to count it out in her head?? I was completely amazed...she is constantly amazing us with her brain power it seems.!!
On another front completely I am close to my wits end with 2 little 2 1/2 year old little boys. This morning it seemed they screamed either at me or each other for 3 hours straight! I am sure it wasn't that long but good heck it sure felt that way! And now to my great joy they are screaming in their room refusing to take a NAP!!! AAAAARRRRRHHHHHH!!! I think it is good that they can play the rest of the day outside!!!!! Mama needs a BREAK!!! Even though I just had one on Saturday I just feel plain worn out today~!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring Boutique!

We are having another boutique! It is Saturday March 13th from 10 am to 7 pm. I am super excited and we have a lot of super great vendors coming!! It will be so fun! Stop on by if you can!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick funny

Funniest thing happened this morning. Bennett was playing with the toy vacuum and John was laying on the ground. So Bennett goes over on bonks John in the head with the vacuum. So I tell Bennett that he needs to go kiss John better and tell him he's sorry. So he turns his back to John gives me his best grumpy face and says, "NO!". So I say, ok then give me the vacuum. Again, "NO!" So I say, "Bennett give John a kiss and say your sorry or I get to keep the vacuum." He still doesn't do anything so I take the vacuum from him. So he slowly slowly walks over to John and kneels down next to him all the while looking at me with grumpy face. Then he leans down and plants a big 'ole raspberry on John's head! Bennett and John both just started laughing hysterically!!! It was hilarious!!! What a funny way to start out the day!! I love my crazy little boys.
Just in case you were wondering they are still complete boys! Throwing, crashing, smashing, hitting, bonking, screaming, running, jumping, and dumping ALL DAY LONG!! Yup and they are not even 3 yet!! HERE WE GO!
Oh and they have also entered the "MOM" stage. Here's how it goes:
S1 or S2 and sometimes both (stink 1 or 2):!!!!!
Mom: What Bennett (and/or John)?
Mom: Bennett...what?!?!
Mom: Bennett when i say what you need to tell me what you need? What do you need?
S1: uuuuuuhmmmmm
By this point either he has forgotten what he needed or he just wanted to see how long it would take before I don't even want to know how many times a day we have this conversation!!!!
And because a post isn't a post without a little poopy is what happened yesterday.
Stink 1 and Stink 2 were not going down for their nappy very well so I went in for the 12th time to give them the mean momma face and tell them to go to sleep and I find both of them butt naked!!! Bennett was happy as a jaybird with his freedom but John was screaming and kept saying "poop! poop! poop!". Yup...that's right...he pooped in his bed! What a fun mess that was to clean up!! BOYS!!! Well I learned that they both still require double onesies and safety pins for nappy time....LESSON LEARNED.....again.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Crochet Items!!

Check out my craft blog!!! I just posted some new items that I love!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taylor's New Do!!

Taylor decided she wanted to cut her hair "short" so on Saturday we did it!! She enjoyed the experience and was so good about holding still. This was Taylor's first "official big girl" haircut. Here is before...
And here she is after...
Doesn't she look like a big kid?!? She almost looks big enough to go to Kindergarten!! Yup this August she will be off to school...we got a Kindergarten sign up this week!! It really is quite hard to believe. Hopefully I will have some time to post more soon because we have had a lot going on in this house as of late.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fancy Boys and other randomness

Well the boys have been officially introduced to the world of girly dress ups! Taylor took Bennett and John downstairs yesterday and they came back upstairs with princess dresses on...and let me tell you they were thrilled!! They thought they were hilarious! I wish I would have taken some pics...but I didn't. John only tried on one outfit but Bennett tried on 3 or 4. He would come upstairs with Taylor to do fashion show and then head back down and Taylor would re-dress him. It was quite hilarious and he was having a grand time! His little face when he would peek around the corner with a new fancy on was priceless!!!

A couple weeks ago I went into the boys room to get them up after their nap and I found Bennett's pants with a big tear down the leg from the waist to the cuff! There was a hole in the knee before nap but holy cow!! I didn't know he was capable of that kind of destruction! I have a pic somewhere I will post when I have a minute to find it!

Super funny Taylor story. So Taylor and her little friend were playing the other night and Kirk went down to tell him that it was time to go. He found her little friend on one side of the room with a strange look on his face and Taylor was on the other side of the room in her panties trying to put a princess dress on. So Kirk asked what they were doing and her little friend said, "We are getting married and she is getting her dress on. These are our kids (pointing to some stuffed animals). She's going to have the babies though but first we are getting married. And first we have to dance." HILARIOUS!!! It's a whole different type of play when a little boy plays....I am surprised she was able to talk him into it.

That's all for now but I am sure I have more to post later!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hats hats hats for sale!!

I just finished posting a bunch more pictures on my crochet blog! Check it out and tell your friends!! These hats make great gifts!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Blog

Checkout my new blog for my hats!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween and such!

Happy Halloween from Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, Thing 2, Cindy Lou Who, and Dr. Seuss!

The crazy little Things!

This is Taylor's best Cat in the Hat face!

Little Johnny's cute little face in his latest hat! He'll wear it while he is outside but the minute we get in he is done with it.

Bennett loves getting all accessorized to go outdoors! He loves to wear his hats.


........WWWWWAAAAAAH! A kiss from Bennett and John!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Handmade Hats For Sale!

I have been bitten by the crochet bug and I love it! I am offering custom crocheted hats for sale! Anything or any color is available! Below are a few of the styles/colors I have done most recently. They make great Christmas gifts or would be great for fall/winter family photos! All hats only $15!!

Taylor just loves these hats and loves helping me choose color combinations.

These are some fun sets that I have experimented with. They are 4 piece sets for $30 (hat, flower clippie, purse, and gloves)

A sampling of hair/hat clippies for $2.50 each.

Little boy earflap hats.

Mommy Motif Hats...I love this hat! This hat is $18-lots of extra work here!

If you or anyone you know is interested just leave me a comment and I will contact you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's been awhile!

Yes I have not posted for quite a long gets busy...nuff said. I will try to summarize our life for the past month or so.
Gramma and Grampa Chugg took us all to the Circus at the end of September and we had a blast!! The kids loved it all! John especially loved the elephants and anytime anything caught his eye he would say "Da Da Da" and point until Kirk looked to see what he was pointing at. It was a very very fun night.

This was at the circus...Bennett & John and Daddy sure love "vrooms"!

For about a month John and Bennett had a daily ritual of emptying all the drawers full of clothes and throwing them everywhere. This is evidence of the last time it happened...Mommy and Daddy finally wised up and put their dresser in Taylor's room....(it only took us a month)! John wasn't too happy about grumpy Mommy.

The first part of October we headed down to St. George with the fam. Gramma and Grampa Welling and Rob & Katie came too. We had a great weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather. We were even able to go swimming in the pool and on a bike ride! YAY! On the way home we decided to spend some time in Zion so we did and went on a few little hikes with the kiddos. It was very beautiful!
One morning while in St. George we decided to go for a hike up Snow Canyon. We picked the 3 ponds trail thinking it would be a fun hike and it would have been had it not been for the 6 inches of sand that covered 80% of the trail! I just had my tennis shoes and they have mesh and so just 2 or 3 steps in the sand and my shoes were full of sand...bleh. I think we hiked for an hour or two and the pic above is one of the so called "ponds"...umm excuse me...pretty sure that's a puddle! The hike was beautiful but the end was totally lamo! The kids did pretty well considering by the time we got back it was 2 hours past lunch and naps! Taylor really is a good hiker though...she's a trooper. And luckily for her our friend Fabbi went with us and she carried Taylor quite a bit of the way.

This is our favorite tree in our backyard! Beauty right? Autumn Blaze Maple we love you even if you do cover our backyard with a carpet of leaves!

Just raking and playing.

In the middle of October Mom and Dad gave us a week in a condo at Park City and it was so fun! This is the kids at Wasatch State Park in Midway. They loved feeding the ducks here...probably the highlight of the trip for the boys. Taylor loved the swimming pool at the condo...very nice! We had a really nice 5 days there. We cut the trip a little short because the boys were big 'ole this guy below.

We did have fun and we especially enjoyed usual but especially because the room had an awesome jet tub and steam relaxing! That helped make up for the chaos of the awake hours.

The kids really really really loved the big tub too. I think they probably took an hour bath every night...good way to kill time before bedtime! This is John with his bubble beard. I think we decided that we won't be going on another family trip to a hotel type destination for a little while because Bennett and John are SCREAMERS! Wow they are loud lately! I am pretty sure the people around us probably asked to be moved! Ahh...traveling with family....good times!

Well I think that about catches us up. Oh the craft fair was super fun! Everything went well and I sold some stuff and we had a pretty good turn out. Definitely going to try to do it again next year!

Now we are just gearing up for our super Halloween donut extravaganza! Speaking of that...this year as our "fundraiser" we are collecting food for the shelters in the come get a donut and bring a can of food (or something non-perishable like that).

Holy cow I totally forgot about the boys birthday! DOY! They turned 2 last week! We took them to Petco that morning to look at the animals...they totally loved that. One day when we get brave we will get a dog but we are not ready for that yet. They both just love animals so it was the perfect thing to do. Then that evening we had the family over for cinnamon rolls since Bennett and John do not like cake. It was really fun and the boys were very spoiled...we now have many many new toys which makes for many many hours of happy entertainment...Happy Birthday to ME!!!

We have the perfect Halloween costumes for Taylor, Bennett, and John this year! Just wait till I do that post...It will be amazing I am so excited....stay tuned!!!