Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fancy Boys and other randomness

Well the boys have been officially introduced to the world of girly dress ups! Taylor took Bennett and John downstairs yesterday and they came back upstairs with princess dresses on...and let me tell you they were thrilled!! They thought they were hilarious! I wish I would have taken some pics...but I didn't. John only tried on one outfit but Bennett tried on 3 or 4. He would come upstairs with Taylor to do fashion show and then head back down and Taylor would re-dress him. It was quite hilarious and he was having a grand time! His little face when he would peek around the corner with a new fancy on was priceless!!!

A couple weeks ago I went into the boys room to get them up after their nap and I found Bennett's pants with a big tear down the leg from the waist to the cuff! There was a hole in the knee before nap but holy cow!! I didn't know he was capable of that kind of destruction! I have a pic somewhere I will post when I have a minute to find it!

Super funny Taylor story. So Taylor and her little friend were playing the other night and Kirk went down to tell him that it was time to go. He found her little friend on one side of the room with a strange look on his face and Taylor was on the other side of the room in her panties trying to put a princess dress on. So Kirk asked what they were doing and her little friend said, "We are getting married and she is getting her dress on. These are our kids (pointing to some stuffed animals). She's going to have the babies though but first we are getting married. And first we have to dance." HILARIOUS!!! It's a whole different type of play when a little boy plays....I am surprised she was able to talk him into it.

That's all for now but I am sure I have more to post later!