Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am afraid we may have a genius on our hands ladies and gentlemen!!

I was tucking little missy in bed the other night. She has a new ritual of counting all of the animals she sleeps with before she lays down to make sure they are all there (and it seems she always finds another to add to the pile). So she counted 8 animals and was glad that they were all accounted for and said, "Hmmm, if I added 2 more then I would have 10. If I added only 1 then I would have nine. If I added 2 more to the 10 then I would have 12. If I added 2 more after that I would have 12. If I added 2 more after THAT then I would have 14, and then 16, and than 18!! Wow mom wouldn't that be a lot of animals???" Once I picked my jaw off the floor I agreed with her that indeed that would be a lot of animals. Ok, so is it just me or is it AMAZING that she just counted by 2's all by herself and without even having to count it out in her head?? I was completely amazed...she is constantly amazing us with her brain power it seems.!!
On another front completely I am close to my wits end with 2 little 2 1/2 year old little boys. This morning it seemed they screamed either at me or each other for 3 hours straight! I am sure it wasn't that long but good heck it sure felt that way! And now to my great joy they are screaming in their room refusing to take a NAP!!! AAAAARRRRRHHHHHH!!! I think it is good that they can play the rest of the day outside!!!!! Mama needs a BREAK!!! Even though I just had one on Saturday I just feel plain worn out today~!!!!!


cam-ron said...

I feel you!

Angela said...

I send two to school for 8 hours a day and only have them for 4 hours at night...and I complain every yes, you can complain.