Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Post

Not much to say just wanted to say "Hey"......"hey!" We took the boys in to the early intervention folks this week and had their speech evaluated and they told us that they are at about the age of an average 15-18month old. Sooooo they qualified for the program. We are excited to learn more about how we can help their speech along. They both have drastically improved since their 2nd birthday but clearly we still have some work ahead of us. They sure are cute little stinks though! I realized I haven't posted any pics lately so that is my goal this week. I will take the kids outside (cross your fingers for continued warm weather) and take some fun pics and post them.

We are all very excited and ready for spring time. Today while we were eating lunch little missy said something about she couldn't wait for spring and I told her that the official first day of spring was yesterday and that it was actually already spring. You would have thought I told her I bought her a pony...her face lit up and she had permagrin on!! Then she looked at me like...your kidding right? Spring is here and I missed the arrival? It was quite the funny little exchange. Next year I will have to remember to plan a welcome spring party...I think I could really get into that!

The boutique went well. We didn't have as many people come as I had hoped but we had some great vendors!! And I thoroughly enjoyed it! A ton of work but really fun in the end.

Kirk and I are still kicking it with p90x! We love and hate it...but mostly love because of the amazing results we are seeing. And it does feel great to know that we did something extremely hard already and it is only 7 am! Makes the day seem very manageable. One morning last week Kirk had a super early meeting so we planned to exercise that night instead and let me just tell you I was miss grumpy that day! I hadn't realized how much those endorphins helped to boost my mood!!! It was crazy the difference exercising can make in my day!! So yes I am sold on p90x!!

I guess I did have something to say after all...whodathought!


Kristi said...

Alex has been in speech therapy for almost a year and it has really helped! I am quite sure the boys will do great and improve a ton!!

bbbfife said...

I have always wanted to try p90x! Sorry I could not come to your boutique :(

Anonymous said...

My twins are in early intervention for speech as well. I think that's pretty common for twins. Sounds like you are a busy woman! Jealous that you're doing p90x. I"m too wimpy

Angela said...

I cannot wait to start the p90x...although I don't know how I am gonna get a pull up bar into the house, but we will figure it out! And, I am SUPER proud of you guys for sticking to it. Now you understand my morning exercise "NEED" especially with Dan gone all the time.

allegra said...

Carin! I didn't know you had a blog... thanks for sayin' hi so I could come say hi back! It's fun to reconnect... Your family is beautiful !!! I can't believe you have 3 kiddos already, that's awesome! Your little girl sounds spunky and cute with the things she says--so fun!! I have no idea what the p90x is, I must be out of the loop:) But I'm a fan of endorphins so good on 'ya girly.