Friday, June 18, 2010


Here are a few random ramblings of late.

Bennett and John are doing really well with their speech...Bennett in particular loves to tell you about what happened during the day...he is becoming quite the talker.

Taylor is enjoying her summer and is DYING to go swimming...almost everyday she asks..."mom can we go swimming today?" I just haven't felt brave enough to take all three of them by myself yet...we'll get there don't worry....oh well and the weather hasn't helped much either!! She is still just a little smarty pants and can't wait for Kindergarten.

John is a funny dude and loves teasing everyone....A LOT!! Frankly it is getting a little old, but what do ya do...just enjoy the screaming I guess.

I have started running for the first time in my life and I really like it!! SHOCKING!! I am working on getting faster and increasing my distance a little at a time. Right now I am at about a 10 minute not too bad for someone who hasn't run before.

We are still working on our projects like crazy and hoping to get them all wrapped up so we can get some good summer playing in!! Random update...done.


Anonymous said...

remember when you were engaged and made me go running with you? I almost died. Weirdly enough I started running while I was engaged too. Then quit because it sucks and now I am in the mood again. Random.

Karla said...

You are doing awesome. How is your table coming along?

Jen Story~Storybook Photos said...

Dear Carin,
I think it's time to update the bliggity blog blog! :0)