Friday, June 17, 2011


I know I know...lets just not get in to how long it has been since I have posted anything and move on. For those of you truly curious about the past some odd months here it is in a nutshell...Taylor turned 5........found out I was pregnant....we were rearended.....spent MANY MANY hours at the chiropractor....IT'S A BOY......boys turned 3.....IT'S A GIRL (like I knew all along) job......Paisley Rose born....and there you have it.

Now that's out of the are a few ramblings about our life as it currently sits.

Taylor finished Kindergarten with flying colors and can hardly wait for 1st grade. She was so sad on the last day of school and had a few depressed days following...but thank goodness summer weather has finally arrived to boost her mood...amazing what a few hours of playing outside with the hose can do for a gal!

Bennett is 3 and a sweet sweet "mean guy". The boys have come up with the worst possible thing to yell at each other when they are mad....."You a MEAN GUY!!!"...yelled with mad face....(Bennett does the best mad face...I need to work on getting a picture of it because words just don't do it justice.) Despite the mean guy stuff he is a good little guy. He absolutely loves sharing...especially with Taylor...she is pretty good at conning him out of the toys she wants to play with. And he loves to help. He does love his brother...they fight and play really well together. Bennett got to go on a daddy day the other day and he loved it but a couple hours into it and he said, "Daddy I wanna go home and play with John"....sweet right? Oh another story about Bennett...we were making puppets and his was a puppy but it needed a smiley face so he drew one but apparently it just didn't look like it should and he couldn't get it ended up that he threw a fit about the smile for nearly 10 minutes!!! I tried everything to understand how to make it look right and finally we got needed the little cheek lines....duh mom!!! Favorite phrase is currently "what the..."....pretty funny when he says it.

John can be a rascally fella cause he loves to tease...especially Taylor when she is in the right mood to be upset by it. It is amazing how they learn so quickly the fastest way to make each other flaming mad....good times I tell ya! Let's see what else....he gets quite serious about his play and uses a lot of imagination. He is pure boy and loves all things with wheels. He has also started "shooting" everything. He points his fingers and makes shooting noises and thinks it is hilarious...pretty sure he has no idea what he is doing. He also has this great little maniacal chuckle he does...hilarious. He has also started really wrestling with Bennett...and it is so much fun to watch when they are both in the right mood. We are almost to the point of buying boxing gloves for each of them and saying go at may come to that. Oh and give John an iphone and he can make it do things we didn't even know (or want it) to do. He can't walk by one without running his finger across the screen...he loves angry birds.

And then little Miss Paisley Rose....ah the sweet little caboose of the family. I think she is going to be adored and praised all her life as the best little thing ever. I haven't yet figured out if she really is just an awesome baby or if it just seems that way after having twin boys..or perhaps it is that she can't talk back yet or throw tantrums....or hit...or bite....or scream...or crash stuff into other stuff.....hmmmm....I will let ya know when we figure that one out. But seriously though...she gets the best baby award...hands down! And she is so smiley...I don't remember the other kids being so smiley....but we have learned that I don't have the best memory lately so who knows really. She and Taylor already have this great bond...she just smiles and smiles at Taylor and makes all sorts of sounds to Taylor and Taylor just adores Paisley. The first month I heard nothing but..."When is Paisley gonna wake up...can I feed Paisley....when can I hold Paisley? she awake yet?....when is she gonna need to eat?....can I wake her up?" Yes Paisley is loved and adored at our house.

Kirk took a new job with Holmes Clothing. He was hired to run the newly opened Ogden store and he loves it. He is doing a great job selling and bringing in new customers...sales and marketing is totally his thing.

I am staying busy being Momma to these yahoos. I find a little time here and there to fulfill my insane need for all things crafty...I am glad I have it though because sometimes that insane need for craftiness is the only thing that keeps me sane....crazy I know.

Perhaps one day when I am feeling a little more productive I will cover the span of time that I missed with the maybe not.

Since I haven't blogged for a minute I have forgotten the best/easiest way for moving pics around and I don't wanna mess with it here are random pics of the kids.
I would like to introduce you to Miss Paisley!

Oh yeah Taylor has lost 2 teeth this past month...we love the tooth fairy!

Precious Paisley again.

Can you just imagine what they are thinking?!?!


Bennett and spiky hair...he wasn't really digging the impromptu photo session that Mommy wanted to do.

Who has 4 kids?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mr John giggling.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. Happy to have you here again. Paisley is beautiful and I love her name!

Zac and Chelese said...

I love your kids they are so cute and CONGRATS on the beautiful little girl!! You guys look so happy!!