Friday, June 4, 2010

Pic update...FINALLY!

I have been wanting to post some updated pictures of the kids for a long time and finally did it! YAY to me! Last night we took the kids to the park after dinner and we were smart enough to bring the camera...again YAY to us! So here are some of the fun moments we captured...I think that we may have some of the cutest most photogenic kids around.

This was hilarious trying to get 3 kids to smile in the same direction at the same time...after about 30 pictures Kirk and I were both saying.."ok on the count of 3 who wants to go feed the ducks.....1.....2.....3.."....then as the chorus of "MEEEEEEE" rang out Kirk would snap as many as he could hoping that one would work....this one is John's latest excited face. When he gets excited he squeezes his hands as tight as he can and shakes his arms...hilarious.
This is John trying to avoid Momma kisses.....he really does love them I am sure!

We did manage to get one with 3 smiles all looking in the same direction...miraculous I just need to photoshop out the trailer in the background.
My boys! They are at a really fun age right now. Both are doing really well with their speech and really talking a lot...THANK GOODNESS! For a while there their favorite form of communication was to scream at the top of their lungs until someone fixed whatever was wrong...we love words. Speaking of words I think it is so funny the words they pick for some things...for example....'Papa'=grampa...not so weird but wait...'papa' also=tractor...why you ask??? Well Grampa Welling has a tractor...nope not just one but 2 papas (they are sure to correct if you say that grampa has one tractor). Anytime we talk about Gramma and Grampa Welling, Bennett always says, "Bib lellow papa out?" Translation..."Is grampas big yellow tractor out?" Their favorite thing ever is to ride the tractor with Grampa. They learned very early that when some big machine backs up it beeps...I even caught John walking backwards down the haul beep beeping tonight. Grampa is also teaching Taylor how to steer the tractor...she LOVES it as you can imagine..she'll be able to plow the fields in no time!!

I love this picture!! Another miraculous thing happened this night. John actually left the house without his Nebraska beanie on. It is bright red and about a week ago he decided it was his new favorite thing to wear ALL the time....he even sleeps with the thing on. Amazingly enough he left without it last night...but he was sure to wear it to the car show tonight. And no, we are not Nebraska fans....our neighbors however are and they got the boys beanies last winter.

I just love this kid!!! Look at that dimple!!!
This is Bennett taking after Momma and Daddy and practicing his yoga moves...I think this one is called triangle pose.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of little Bennett serious face....he was chasing after a crow and was a little disappointed that it got away.
And here is miss almost ready for Kindergarten herself!!! It seems we have hit a bit of a rough spot with this little lady lately. We are in the HUGE tantrum phase...highly emotional at the drop of a hat it seems. I know you are all thinking how could you ever be upset at that little face...well it happens folks! Hopefully it is just a phase and that we will soon kick it to the curb!!! She is loving her new bed and doing well with the new responsibility of making a BIG bed every morning. The other thing she loves doing lately is talking on the phone. She usually calls one of her grammas and talks and talks until they politely say that they need to get back to doing whatever they were doing. She is a funny little lady.


Karla said...

I love the dimples! Very cute pictures taken of a very cute bunch of children.

Jen Story~Storybook Photos said...

Cute Cute! Ya know, now you and Kirk need to be in some pictures with your kids!! You should get someone highly trained in the art of getting children to look at the camera come and take them!! Let me know when you find that special person!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel you on getting kids to look at the camera at the same time. It is impossible!!

10zfam said...

your kids are so cute. they all look so much like you carin