Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's been awhile!

Yes I have not posted for quite a long gets busy...nuff said. I will try to summarize our life for the past month or so.
Gramma and Grampa Chugg took us all to the Circus at the end of September and we had a blast!! The kids loved it all! John especially loved the elephants and anytime anything caught his eye he would say "Da Da Da" and point until Kirk looked to see what he was pointing at. It was a very very fun night.

This was at the circus...Bennett & John and Daddy sure love "vrooms"!

For about a month John and Bennett had a daily ritual of emptying all the drawers full of clothes and throwing them everywhere. This is evidence of the last time it happened...Mommy and Daddy finally wised up and put their dresser in Taylor's room....(it only took us a month)! John wasn't too happy about grumpy Mommy.

The first part of October we headed down to St. George with the fam. Gramma and Grampa Welling and Rob & Katie came too. We had a great weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather. We were even able to go swimming in the pool and on a bike ride! YAY! On the way home we decided to spend some time in Zion so we did and went on a few little hikes with the kiddos. It was very beautiful!
One morning while in St. George we decided to go for a hike up Snow Canyon. We picked the 3 ponds trail thinking it would be a fun hike and it would have been had it not been for the 6 inches of sand that covered 80% of the trail! I just had my tennis shoes and they have mesh and so just 2 or 3 steps in the sand and my shoes were full of sand...bleh. I think we hiked for an hour or two and the pic above is one of the so called "ponds"...umm excuse me...pretty sure that's a puddle! The hike was beautiful but the end was totally lamo! The kids did pretty well considering by the time we got back it was 2 hours past lunch and naps! Taylor really is a good hiker though...she's a trooper. And luckily for her our friend Fabbi went with us and she carried Taylor quite a bit of the way.

This is our favorite tree in our backyard! Beauty right? Autumn Blaze Maple we love you even if you do cover our backyard with a carpet of leaves!

Just raking and playing.

In the middle of October Mom and Dad gave us a week in a condo at Park City and it was so fun! This is the kids at Wasatch State Park in Midway. They loved feeding the ducks here...probably the highlight of the trip for the boys. Taylor loved the swimming pool at the condo...very nice! We had a really nice 5 days there. We cut the trip a little short because the boys were big 'ole this guy below.

We did have fun and we especially enjoyed usual but especially because the room had an awesome jet tub and steam relaxing! That helped make up for the chaos of the awake hours.

The kids really really really loved the big tub too. I think they probably took an hour bath every night...good way to kill time before bedtime! This is John with his bubble beard. I think we decided that we won't be going on another family trip to a hotel type destination for a little while because Bennett and John are SCREAMERS! Wow they are loud lately! I am pretty sure the people around us probably asked to be moved! Ahh...traveling with family....good times!

Well I think that about catches us up. Oh the craft fair was super fun! Everything went well and I sold some stuff and we had a pretty good turn out. Definitely going to try to do it again next year!

Now we are just gearing up for our super Halloween donut extravaganza! Speaking of that...this year as our "fundraiser" we are collecting food for the shelters in the come get a donut and bring a can of food (or something non-perishable like that).

Holy cow I totally forgot about the boys birthday! DOY! They turned 2 last week! We took them to Petco that morning to look at the animals...they totally loved that. One day when we get brave we will get a dog but we are not ready for that yet. They both just love animals so it was the perfect thing to do. Then that evening we had the family over for cinnamon rolls since Bennett and John do not like cake. It was really fun and the boys were very spoiled...we now have many many new toys which makes for many many hours of happy entertainment...Happy Birthday to ME!!!

We have the perfect Halloween costumes for Taylor, Bennett, and John this year! Just wait till I do that post...It will be amazing I am so excited....stay tuned!!!


Kristina Carter said...

good to get caught up. Seems like you guys are having tons of fun!

Karla said...

You guys keep having so much fun! I loved the picture of Taylor in the middle with the boys on either side of her. Their similar poses with their heads tilted the same is such a great shot!