Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick funny

Funniest thing happened this morning. Bennett was playing with the toy vacuum and John was laying on the ground. So Bennett goes over on bonks John in the head with the vacuum. So I tell Bennett that he needs to go kiss John better and tell him he's sorry. So he turns his back to John gives me his best grumpy face and says, "NO!". So I say, ok then give me the vacuum. Again, "NO!" So I say, "Bennett give John a kiss and say your sorry or I get to keep the vacuum." He still doesn't do anything so I take the vacuum from him. So he slowly slowly walks over to John and kneels down next to him all the while looking at me with grumpy face. Then he leans down and plants a big 'ole raspberry on John's head! Bennett and John both just started laughing hysterically!!! It was hilarious!!! What a funny way to start out the day!! I love my crazy little boys.
Just in case you were wondering they are still complete boys! Throwing, crashing, smashing, hitting, bonking, screaming, running, jumping, and dumping ALL DAY LONG!! Yup and they are not even 3 yet!! HERE WE GO!
Oh and they have also entered the "MOM" stage. Here's how it goes:
S1 or S2 and sometimes both (stink 1 or 2):!!!!!
Mom: What Bennett (and/or John)?
Mom: Bennett...what?!?!
Mom: Bennett when i say what you need to tell me what you need? What do you need?
S1: uuuuuuhmmmmm
By this point either he has forgotten what he needed or he just wanted to see how long it would take before I don't even want to know how many times a day we have this conversation!!!!
And because a post isn't a post without a little poopy is what happened yesterday.
Stink 1 and Stink 2 were not going down for their nappy very well so I went in for the 12th time to give them the mean momma face and tell them to go to sleep and I find both of them butt naked!!! Bennett was happy as a jaybird with his freedom but John was screaming and kept saying "poop! poop! poop!". Yup...that's right...he pooped in his bed! What a fun mess that was to clean up!! BOYS!!! Well I learned that they both still require double onesies and safety pins for nappy time....LESSON LEARNED.....again.....


Kristi said...

So true, and so hilarious about the mom thing!! I will post a hilarious Family Guy clip on my blog for you to see. You will pee your pants if you haven't seen it yet. I think your boys are sure cute....and going to give you a run for your money!

PS. LOVE your cute new booties!

The Hall Clan said...

in our house the boys do the thing more than mom. it cracks me up, but drives chad nuts. sometimes when they are both trying to get his attention at the same time I will join in on the fun, just to be a stinker.

Greg And Richele Cook said...

Argh! Nicole does the SAME thing! Maybe it is just a right of passage with these kids :) I love the video Kristi posted. Every time I see it on TV I get a good giggle!

Ashley said...

Boys! :)

Karla said...

It is good to know that my boys were not as crazy as I thought they were. Apparently, they were just boys.
It is so fun to hear your adventures.

10zfam said...

oh carin you are my hero i can't imagine having 2 boys the same age. you are wonderwoman

Angela said...

HILARIOUS! You need to see the vid on Kristi's blog. It is pretty indicitive of your world..except I don't know that your kids would ever just find you laying in your bed...mine would though, that is for sure....